Kushal Raj Bastakoti

Artist Statement: Kushal Raj Bastakoti

Art is not just a passion to me, it has always been a greatest passion of my life. I am a Contemporary Cityscape Artist from Nepal and I am currently living in Texas. I have been involved in painting since my early childhood. I started my journey with Water colors and then gradually explored other mediums like Acrylic colors and Oil colors. Not just the mediums but I have also tried to encompass broader range of styles of paintings. Self- expression plays vital role in my Art works.
In my seven years long Art journey here in US, I have emerged as a Conceptual Cityscape Artist, an Abstract Artist and lately as a Landscape Artist. This has been quite an exciting journey for me. The struggle of living and fulfilling art dream in a foreign land has taught me great things and I continue to do so.

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