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From traditional paintings and sculptures to avant-garde multimedia pieces, you’ll find a cornucopia of art forms as you meander through the hallways. We believe art to be a catalyst for change and a reflection of society, encouraging us to view the world from fresh perspectives and pushing us to delve deeper into our imaginations.

The broad and complicated web of human expression can be explored in our gallery, a paradise for art enthusiasts and explorers. We warmly encourage you to explore our galleries, immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity of the artworks before you, and be transported to new realms of thought and feeling.

For it is in the realm of art that we may discover an accurate representation of ourselves, our challenges and triumphs, our joys and our sorrows. So come along with us on this journey of the soul, and let the artwork that fills these walls communicate to you in ways that words cannot express.

Explore the vibrant world of cityscapes in our intriguing gallery, showcasing the essence of urban life in its most artful form. Discover the portrayals of bustling streets, the timeless allure of iconic landmarks, and the distinctive charm that sets worldwide apart. Each piece reflects Kushal Bastakoti’s passion for urban landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on your imagination and inviting you to ponder these cities’ stories.Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a curious visitor, our gallery promises to inspire and captivate you. Take your time, savor each piece of art, and let the enchantment of city life embrace you as you explore our gallery’s enthralling world of cityscapes.

The gallery showcases a captivating collection of abstract paintings that push the boundaries of artistic expression. These paintings, embracing colors, shapes, lines, and textures, convey emotions, ideas, and concepts. Among the fearless visionaries behind these works, you’ll find Kushal Bastakoti’s captivating art. Kushal Bastakoti’s abstract art showcases freedom in expression, allowing inner emotions to flow and create visual poetry. Each artwork carries a unique narrative, waiting for you to unravel its hidden meanings and stories. The beauty of abstract painting lies in its ability to transcend conventional boundaries, inviting you to embark on an artistic journey that is uniquely your own.

Experience Kushal Bastakoti’s evocative Nude art at our gallery, which celebrates sincerity, sensuality, and self-expression. With masterful play of light and shadow, his thought-provoking pieces challenge norms, empowering viewers to embrace vulnerability and appreciate the beauty of the human form. Join us as we embark on this fascinating voyage of self-discovery and acceptance.


Dear art lovers, we are delighted to offer you our highlighted collection – a carefully curated selection of artworks that encapsulates the spirit of modern art. Each work is a glimpse into the creator’s imagination and demonstrates their talent.

As you peruse this collection, let your mind roam free and allow yourself to be transported by the beauty and wonder of these works. Each piece has a story, message, and world to explore. We believe that art can alter, challenge, and inspire people. As a result, our highlighted collection includes a wide range of styles, techniques, and topics, reflecting the limitless possibilities of artistic creativity.

So come on in, immerse yourself in modern art, and let our featured collection ignite your curiosity and imagination. Discover the power and wonder of art, and allow it to open your eyes to new perceives and limitless possibilities.