Kushal, a contemporary artist originally from Pokhara, Nepal, primarily focuses on painting Contemporary Cityscapes and FIgurative art.

Utilizing the quarantine time productively, he painted, kept going as an artist with his new series of Nude Artwork, which gives a  message about life, and became ready to showcase his upcoming show- “We are Beautiful Inside and Outside.”

He’s grateful for Dallas, Texas and the people for the wonderful experience and fun he had with his time there around historical sites and entertainment places.

Though he’s a self-taught artist, he recognizes the professor at UNT CVAD (College of Visual Arts and Design), providing him with the theoretical knowledge and techniques to improvise on his existing skills and facilitating him through his artistic endeavors.

He expresses that Nude Art isn’t about showcasing reproductive parts but rather the essence of life without being hidden under makeup and made-up, about how we’re born and die nude where it’s about our energy and the respect we give to others which he expresses in his canvas through the charcoal line and brush strokes.

“All curves of human body holds different story” 

Through his retrospection, he’s gained a lot of insights on his journey as an artist and believes that the mistakes then research with experiments would eventually guide him to creativity.